Chata na końcu świata - "The hut at the end of the world"

Roules in "The hut at the end of the world":

  • No smoking inside house.


  • We selectively collect rubbish: glass, plastic bottles, organic leftovers, cans, tins or paper are collected separately in labelled bins.


  • A day starts at 3 p.m. and finishes at midday the next day 
  • If in a given day we do not expect any new guests to come, it is possible to leave the house at any time. Also guests may arrive earlier if no guests are in the house on that day.
  • Booking the lodgings 
  • in the case of weekend stays (1-2 nights), a reservation is made when the whole due amount is paid in advance.
    in the case of longer stays (3 or more nights) the reservation is made when the amount for the two nights is paid in advance
    People who come to our Hut for the first time are should pay the remaining amount on the arrival day
  • We kindly ask you to inform us about your will to order food one week before your arrival.   
  • We accept the presence of pets on condition that they are gentle for people and other animals (the area is not fenced) and they are taught the order.


  • If you wish we issue simplified receipts (we are not VAT tax payers)


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