Chata na końcu świata - "The hut at the end of the world"
groups 1 - 10 persons
1 night – 300 PLN / house
groups bigger than 10 people:

basic price + each additional person – 20 PLN / night

You can order food
(for a minimum group of 4 people)
We offer delicious home made cuisine, including traditional regional meals. The nourishing meals are served in dishes thanks to which you can eat weel and be satiated. Most of the products necessary to prepare the dishes come from local ecological growing and breeding. Vegetables are grown with the use of natural manure and animals are bred on natural runs and grazing land. Times of the dishes can be arranged upon arrival.
dinner – 15 PLN / person
soup, second dish, drink, dessert
dinner + supper – 25 PLN / person
dinner (as above) + supper: main dish (e.g. pancake, sausages, etc.) and cured meat, cheeses, jam, bread
There is a possibility to buy many regional products such as dairy produce from cows or goats, eggs, cured meat, fresh vegetables and preserves from the local farmers.
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