Chata na końcu świata - "The hut at the end of the world"
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Find the Hut on the grid. These are coordinates for The hut at the end of the world:
54°21’22,16” N; 22°41’45,73 E
We recommend coming to us by car.
The travel to our house by public transport is not simple because buses to Żytkiejmy from the neigbouring cities Suwałki and Gołdap run rarely.
Żytkiejmy is located by the road number 651 Gołdap - Szypliszki
The location of Żytkiejmy in the Northern-Eastern Poland:
The location of "the Hut at the end of the world" in Żytkiejmy:
PKS (the Polish Bus System)
You can take a direct bus from Gołdap or Suwałki to Żytkiejmy. You can get both to Gołdap and to Suwałki by direct buses from many Polish cities.
  • from Suwałki there are direct PKS buses to Żytkiejmy (attention! there are not many buses running daily and it is better to check current connections in advance e.g. on the website of PKS Suwałki - check Żytkiejmy or Gołdap through Żytkiejmy; or on the website of e-podróżnik "e-traveler")
  • from Gołdap there are direct PKS buses to Żytkiejmy; check current connections in advance on the website of e-podróżnik "e-traveler" 
PKP (Polish Train Railways)
There is no railway in Żytkiejmy. You can get to Suwałki by train where you should change to a PKS bus (see above).  
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