Chata na końcu świata - "The hut at the end of the world"


A comfortable house open year-long for 10-12 people
“The hut at the end of the world” is situated at the edge of Żytkiejmy village

(Dubeninki commune, gołdapski district, warmińsko-mazurskie voivodship, Poland)

merely 0,5 km from Polish-Russian border (it is also an external border of the European Union). Rominicka forest spreads to the west of Żytkiejmy.


It is a good place for people who like peace and quiet, trekking with a map, cycling, cross-country skiing, mushroom picking, fishing, historic and nature trips etc.

The hut has electricity, running water and it is heated by means of wood. It has a fireplace which functions as a central heating furnace, it heats up both radiators in the whole house and water in a boiler for washing and washing up. Wood is prepared, stored and available year long, so you can heat up the house also in colder summer days.

 We are environment-friendly: we save energy (the solar collectors heat water in summer); we selectively collect recyclables. The hut has a sewage treatment plant adjoining the house.


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