Chata na końcu świata - "The hut at the end of the world"
"The hut at the end of the world" is situated in Żytkiejmy village, which is situated at the edge of Romincka forest.

In Żytkiejmy you may find:
  • groceries, shops (open Mon-Sun),
  • a bar (open at irregular times, it is open mainly in the summer time),
  • an antique shop (furniture, interior equipment),
  • a post office spot,
  • the registered office of the Romincka Forest Landscape Park (you may get some tourist informantion here and you can get vorious promotional and educational materials),
  • a bus stop,
  • a library (here you can use the Internet),
  • a playground,
  • a health center,
  • a Roman-catholic church from 16th century
Here you may find more information about the history and relics of Żytkiejmy
  • There is not any cashpoint (ATM) in Żytkiejmy! The closest cashpoints are in Gołdap (~30 km) or in Suwałki (~50 km)
  • There is no chemist's in Żytkiejmy. The nearest one is in Wiżajny (12 km) but the basic medicine you can buy in shops; you will always find such things as hygrogen peroxide and adhesive bandage in our home first aid kit:-)
  • There is no petrol station in Żytkiejmy. The nearest one is in Wiżajny (12 km) and Dubeninki (15 km), while a twenty-four-hour petrol station is in Gołdap (30 km) and Suwałki (50 km)
Because of the closeness of the Polish/Russian border (which is also the border between Russia and the European Union) this area is regularly patrolled by border guards. You must always have a passport with you. Crossing Polish - Russian border is forbidden. Furthermore, in the whole border zone (all communes which lie within 30 km from the border) border guards can stop cars to control them also at night, outside a built-up area. 
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